What happened to all those divine (marvellous) weapons after completion of Mahabharata war?2 min read

What happened to all those divine (marvellous) weapons after completion of Mahabharata war?<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>
What happened to all those divine (marvellous) weapons after completion of Mahabharata war?

The ancient warrior who fought in Mahabharat in Kurukshetra
there undefeatable weapons like Brahmastra which are 10X of Modern Atomic Bombs Where they are ?????

What happened to all those divine (marvellous) weapons after completion of Mahabharata war?
Were they dismantled or hidden somewhere?
Where are those weapons now in Kali Yuga?
Who possess those weapons now?

According to ancient theories

Actually, let me explain the term divine (marvellous) weapons: Divine weapon is actually an ordinary weapon which would get ‘divine’ powers after chanting special mantras.

Example-1. If we take an ordinary arrow and chant Varunas mantra it would become Varunastra and so on.

It was stated that Vrishaketu, Karnas son was the last person in the Earth to have the knowledge of such mantras for divine (marvellous) weapons. He was taught by Arjun (after Kurukshetra war). Arjun promised to Lord Krishna that he would not reveal the mantra to anyone. So with his death, the knowledge of such mantras also died.
Hence we cannot find it any more.

Ancient Indian Categorization of Weapons –

According to Dhanurveda weapons are divided into four kinds as per the use of such weapons :

  • Mukta
  • Amukta
  • Muktāmukta
  • Mantramukta

Are Main Type of weapons

Mukta means which is released completely from the warrior.

Example-2. Discus and darts are examples of this.

Amukta type of weapons cannot be released from the warrior.

Example-3. The weapons like gadha and sword are the best examples.

Weapons which are sometimes released are called Muktamukta.

Example-4. Weapons like Shula and Axe are examples of this variety.

Out of all these types of weapons, the Mantramukta weapons are the most debated and justifiably the most mysterious of the weapons.

As explained in the introduction above different people have different views and beliefs on the reality of such weapons and the technology behind those. Antithetical to popular beliefs, these so-called divine (marvellous) weapons which fall under the Mantramukta category could have been weapons made with some kind of biochemical help that made them deadly and over a period of time, their effects got distorted due to the poetic language used for their description.

And it could possibly be the reason why certain warriors gained knowledge on the usage of such weapons/technology, Such knowledge would have been gained either from their teachers or by traveling around to learn about the weapons and technologies available in different parts of the world.

Example-5. Arjuna gained the knowledge of Brahmastra from his Guru Drona Acharya, while he gained the knowledge of Pashupatastra while traveling across the wild during the transportation period.

Mukta weapons are again classified based on their mode of release.

Weapons hurled with the help of machines are called Yantramukta. A catapult ball or an arrow shot from a bow are examples for this.
Weapons hurled directly by hand are called Panimukta. Throwing of stones, spears etc would fall under this.
Weapons which are hurled with the power of mantras are called Mantramukta. Brahmastra is an example.

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