The Constellation of Orion & The Pyramid of Giza2 min read

The Constellation of Orion & The Pyramid of Giza<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>
The Constellation of Orion & The Pyramid of Giza

Many Egyptologists have been believed (and still are!) that ancient Egyptians didn’t know about the zodiacs. But while camping into the sand dunes of Arabian Dessert, Robert Bauval in 1983  made up a connection between The Pyramid of Giza and The belt of Orion Constellation. In 1989 Bauval published his research in the journal Discussions in Egyptology, Volume 13, under the title “A master plan for the Three Pyramids of Giza Based on the configuration of the three stars of the belt of Orion”.

After this, the pyramids are likely to see with some connection with the stars. Also, various pyramids across the globe follow the same connection.

The Correlation

The Great Pyramid contained four long interior shafts and each precisely aligned with specific stars in the sky. The southern ones are aligned to belt of Orion and Sirius while the northern ones are aligned to circumpolar stars. Bauval also compared the pattern of the three stars on the belt of Orion and the three pyramids.

Orion-Giza Correlation: Alignment of the Shafts

  • He found out in both the patterns that the three stars and the pyramids as well are aligned in the southwesterly direction as they cross the meridian.

Orion-Giza Correlation: Similar Orientations

  • The uppermost star Delta Orionis is offset slightly to the east of the diagonal line projected by the two other stars. However, the southernmost pyramid Mycerinus is offset slightly in a similar manner to the line projected by the two other pyramids.

Orion & pyramids

  • Delta Orionis is much less bright than the other stars. On the other hand, Mycerinus is also smaller than the two other pyramids.

  • The middle star Epsilon is equidistant from the other two stars and so as the case of middle pyramid Chepren.
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