Raman Reti Vrindavan and the story of Raman reti | Raman reti Timing3 min read

Raman Reti Vrindavan and the story of Raman reti | Raman reti Timing<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

This holy place is believed to have been the sporting place of Laddu Gopal (baby Krishna) in Gokul. 

Reti means sand

Thus in the sand of this sacred place is blessed by the Gentle

feet of baby Krishna. Thus this place is respected among the people of Braj. 

It is considered that at this place Lord Krishna during his childhood used to play with Lord Balram and his other Gopa means his childhood friends.

And the place where little krishna eating mud my makeing Ladoos with his hand.

Place where Yashoda the mother of krishna caught krishna eating mud.

So, due to its connection with Krishna, this land has been used by many saints for their meditation. 

A small memorial by the name of Rangbihari Ji is established at this place which was built and worshipped by a holy saint Sri Gyandas Ji Maharaj who worked his severe self-discipline for the blessings of Lord Krishna while fasting at this holy place of Raman Reti.

When visiting Reman Reti, you will not see a normal sand ( brown colour) but it’s grey which is “Yamuna Sand” or Rete

Which means in ancient time River Yamuna was wider in size and when the river changes the Size, location and direction, River Yamuna left the Sand which we called RETI.

Why I am explaining this process because there are too many peoples think its a man-made artificial place.

If you are one of those who think its a Fake Place. I am challenging you to visit Raman Reti and Dig Deep as much as you can and see the result.

What will You get in Reman Reti?

Temples at Raman Reti
Temple in Raman Reti

Raman Reti sand
Raman Reti
Raman Reti place
Everyone is play at Raman Reti

me at Raman Reti
Me at Raman Reti – Divesh Bhardwaj

Some Raman Reti Faqs.