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This episode is presenting the evidence that the ancient people have the advance technology that we are actually using right now. Even many aspects here show that they have even more advanced than us.

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Right or Wrong? Let’s check it out.

Speakers in the episodes:

  1. Dr. Uwe Apel | Aerospace engineer
  2. Dr. Algund Eenboom | Co-author Aircraft of the Pharaohs
  3. Phillip Copens | Author/Investigative Journalist.
  4. Graham Hancock | author of “Fingerprints of the gods”
  5. Rober Bauval | Author, The Egypt Code
  6. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos | Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine
  7. Bill Birnes, Ph.D. | Author/ UFO investigator
  8. David Childress | Author, Technology of the Gode
  9. Michael Cremo | Forbidden Archeology
  10. Dr. Steven M. Greer | The Disclosure Project
  11. Robert H. Frisbee, Ph.D. | Propulsion System Engineer NASA-JPL, Ret.
  12. Johnathan Young. Ph.D. | Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives

The Ancient Flying Chariots

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At first, the episode is emphasized on the flying technology. We all know that flying is the ultimate desire for most of ancient scientists. But here the question raised by ancient alien theorists is related to that “This Technology was already being present in ancient times?”

First Stop. Saqqara, Egypt “The Saqqara Bird”

Episode Notes:-

Pyramid of Djoser, which is older than 4000 years is located in Saqqara.

Saqqara is famous as “City of Dead” because of the presence of many burials. Also, it is one of the oldest burial grounds.

In the year 1891, Pa-di-Imen burial remains unearthed from the 3rd century B.C. And, there found this Saqqara bird made up of wood along with a papyrus ( an old textile writing surface) inscribed “I want to fly”.

Saqqara bird in Cairo Museum

In the year 1969, an Egyptologist Dr Kahlil Messiha noticed the unusual design of the Saqqara bird. Because of the realistic design of the wings and back “rudder” tail.

In 2006, Simon Sanderson, an aerodynamic expert, redesigned the Saqqara bird but 5 times bigger to test its possibility of flight. And, the model looks quite stable.

He also noticed that the only thing that lacks in the ability for the flight of Saqqara bird is the rudder. So they added one. However, on the Saqqara bird, it was examined that some component was attached at its tail like an elevator but lost with the time.

Due to the absence of any facts related to landing gears and engines. The “Saqqara flying machine” could be a glider.

And launching a glider needs a tow plane. So if this a glider. How do Egyptians launch it? And the guessed answer is catapulting ( like the bungee cord system employed nowadays).

trebuchet, catapult, medieval weapon
Photo by juliacasado1 on Pixabay

Ancient Astronauts Theorists Conclusion: INVOLVEMENT OF ALIENS

In the first episode, the speaker concludes that the Saqqara bird is actually a small replica of a flying machine most probably a glider.

Dr.Algund suggested that the Saqqara Bird was made up because the ancient people acquire the technology from aliens. The aliens give us culture and scientific technology.

Now it could be a glider and the possibility is so high that it is a glider. Why? Because the desire to fly for a man is not new. It’s the desire that also arose into the very heart of the ancient people. And somehow by observing birds, they could try to make a small replica or a big one to make themself fly.

However, it sounds good, and the evidence could lead to that conclusion. But the possibility of making the Saqqara bird from wood and with that shape for a young kid by his carpenter dad is also the same. Maybe it is just a toy for a small kid, I am saying its a possibility. Well, I know that if something is preserved it might hold some deep meaning than just a play toy for a kid.

Adult art artisan artist
Photo by Werlley Meira on Pexels

According to me it has high chance of its making by human through the inspiration of the flying birds. And human didn’t make it through inspiring from the flying machine of the Ancient Advance Civilization or Extraterrestrials.

That’s my theory. So for me thinking that it is the evidence of some ancient flying maching is a “BIG ASSUMPTION”.

Also what I concluded is also an assumption. But it is more logical one.

So it could be true that the Saqqara bird describes a glider made up of wood by an Egyptian inventor after getting the inspiration from the birds. But here I don’t think there is a need of forcefully inserting the matter of “Ancient Aliens”.

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