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Thicient is a website, you can say it’s an online world for knowing some unknowns. Everyone like mysteries, but real and actual mysteries lie in the past, in the ancient time. Where we came from? How we evolve? Or the mythology in different locations of the earth. The mythological shreds of evidence clashing with the science.

When these clashes increases, the new form of studies has born. The gods in mythology turn out to be the ancient astronauts, the ancient aliens. We are here to present those facts to anyone who wants to know more, who has a hunger of thrill and knowledge. These facts can be seen around the world. So here we will try our best to present you the best astonishing and thrilling facts about the Egyptology, ancient history and more over the modern human technology which has also present in our past.

About Us

Dikshant Mehta

I am more fascinated with the mysteries which have proof and pieces of evidence but lacks reason of existence. From the very childhood, I love to know the mysteries, especially which are surrounded by the cloak of knowingness. To acquire the truth and pure knowledge I co-create THICIENT.

Divesh Bhardwaj

Born in India, A holy Spiritual country and Since my Childhood, I always think why people Visit temples in search of GOD ( they know God is Everywhere ) and this is the reason I have been interested in ancient mythology and facts Who actually a GOD and lost civilizations since childhood. My curiosity believes that the Ancient Civilization holds more technology and knowledge which defeat the challenges of our future world. And according to me “UNKOWNN FACT ABOUT ‘GOD’ IS. ITS’ BEYOND THE TIME “